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express'Òc - Diccionari d'expressions occitanas / Dictionnaire d'expressions occitanes

The express'Òc API allows you to display occitan expressions with their french translations from a keyword.

top'Òc - Toponimes occitans / Toponymes occitans

The top'Òc API allows you to translate a toponym from french to occitan and vice-versa and to get a city french and occitan names from its code or its coordinates.

lo Basic - Lexic ortografic e referenciau - Lexique orthographique et référentiel

The Basic API allows you to search, from a french or an occitan word, an entry of the Basic, Lo Congrès dictionary.

vèrb'Òc - Conjugador automatic occitan / Conjugateur automatique occitan

The vèrb'Òc API allows you, for an occitan infinitive, to get its conjugation. You can specify a person, a mode, a tense... You can also search for the infinitive and informations of a conjugated form.

punt de lenga - Elements de lenga occitana / Éléments de langue occitane

The punt de lenga API allows you to search articles about occitan grammar with a keyword.

sinonimes - Diccionari occitan deus sinonimes / Dictionnaire occitan des synonymes

The sinonimes API allows you to get synonyms of an occitan word.

fon'Òc - Fonetizador occitan / Phonétiseur occitan

The fon'Òc API allows you to get an International Phonetic Alphabet transcription of a word or a text.

rimas - Diccionari occitan de las rimas / Dictionnaire occitan des rimes

The rimas API allows you to get occitan words that rhymes with a word you give.


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